A Unified Suite of Ad Management Products

A scalable software that gives the user the ability to plan linear, digital, advanced television, cross media and converged deals in a single platform and product catalog.


AOS is an open, highly configurable and easy-to-integrate ad trafficker that is a revolutionary alternative to traditional on-premise solutions. With AOS, all linear sales move to an API-enabled and cloud native system, which creates major operational expenditure savings by removing expensive technology needed to run standard in-house systems. AOS also provides a platform to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

The Transition to Outcome-Based and the Age of Automation Will Require New Systems

open framework

Integrates With Entire Ecosystem, Conforms to Standards

100% automated

Limitless Buying Combinations, No People-Friction


Works Across All Linear, Digital, and Converged Properties


Data-Driven, Known ROI, Complete Observability


Unified Rate Card, Universal Product Catalog, Universal Planning


Any Buyer Demand, Choice, and Outcome

simplified experience

Automated, Easy Buy Across Converged Properties


Free Up IT Resources to Accelerate Innovation

Cross Media and Convergence Sales

AOS will take your Linear Sales teams from traditional on-premises solutions to one that is built in the cloud, with all the benefits of a single database, and an Open Architecture that enables IT innovation, and prepares Media Companies for Cross Media Sales and Digital Convergence.

Fully integrated with the Operative.One Ad Management Platform, and Operative’s OnAir and IBMS traffic systems, but able to integrate with the Traffic system of your choice, AOS brings the Automation of Advertising within your grasp.

  • Web-based cloud storage, single centralized data & open frameworks and APIs
  • Cross-platform, Digital, & non-linear support in product, planning & export
  • Inventory grouping across all inventory sources, with network automation & traffic system integration
  • Easily accessible, integrated paperless workflow
  • Unified ratings engine supporting Nielsen, Comscore, and more
  • Proprietary reach & frequency algorithm built with machine learning

Audience Network Aggregation

The AOS platform’s Audience Network Automation capabilities brings scale and efficiency to Audience Aggregators across video and OTT, and to Unwired Networks, reducing log lead time, and order processing time up to 75%. AOS is built in the cloud, with all the benefits of a single database, and an Open Architecture that enables IT innovation, and is integrated with the major players in the execution and traffic space.

Thanks to a single Product Catalog that can support Linear and Digital products, AOS creates the scale and efficiency Audience networks need to create new revenue streams from National buys.

  • Web-based cloud storage, single centralized database& open frameworks and APIs
  • Inventory grouping across stations, with network automation & traffic system integration for Imagine via TVB 3.2
  • Efficiently execute Buys across multiple partners and execution systems in a single platform
  • Easily build and execute orders across multiple Stations, Markets, and Partners
  • Maintenance of SOX Compliance in core execution systems
  • Reduced time for Log Lead and turnkey revision process with full Unwired Network support
  • Easily monetize your entire footprint across all properties and partners
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