Machine Learning Software that Forecasts Tomorrow, Today

Bring machine learning and augmented data into your forecast and optimization toolset with OnTarget, reducing audience forecast error rates by up to 53%, and enabling you to maximize your inventory yield across Live, VOD and OTT audiences.

OnTarget forecasting

  • Successful pilots across BARB, Nielsen, IBOPE, and OzTam between 2016-2019
  • Metadata enrichment with 3+ years of historical data improves forecast accuracy by 30%
  • Adding Content, Social Media and Emotional Resonance metadata reduces error rates by 48%
  • Integrate OnTarget data with your BMS via Open APIs and Microservice Technology stack

OnTarget Modules available via subscription

  • Use ContentDNA to provide AI generated metadata for evaluated and scheduled Content in your existing BMS systems.
  • Switch from simple contextual to multi-dimensional scoring ¬†across multi-genres, keywords and parental topics using ever evolving data sources
  • Social Media, Download, and Demand activity, across different regions, can be represented in the Buzz module, enabling you to evaluate pre and post schedule success of your Promo activities and scheduling decisions.
  • Sentiment and Emotional Resonance adds insights to Content Evaluation workflows helping you make the right acquisition decisions
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