The Operating System for Advertising Revenue

An ad revenue operating system that maximizes yield across channels, creates bulletproof inventory and pricing strategies, and streamlines tracking and billing. Media companies know they’re getting strong and provable ROI with the use of Operative.One


Operative.One packages inventory and uses pricing and approval rules to maximize yield. The single system allows CPM growth of up to 14 times the industry average across direct and indirect revenue channels. Operative.One provides full audit compliance to a company’s digital business and the ability to manage all channels in a yield curve—from branded content, to programmatic guaranteed and open exchange in a single view.

A Strong and Proven ROI

Operative has a proven track record of working with clients to create a strong and proven ROI from using the Operative.One platform to manage their digital ad business. This value comes not only from the expected efficiency gains of automation manual work and reduction of errors, but in terms of revenue growth as well, turning the traditional cost center of Ad Operations into a revenue generating machine.

Our Clients See Lift in the Following Areas

invoiced over

Invoice over 97% of what you book (vs an average of 92% without Operative) thanks to automated integrations that aggregate Delivery across 1st Party, 3rd Party and advanced Viewability metrics with companies like Moat, AdJuster, and IAS

sales increase

See Sales Increases of up to 42% per Account Executive as a result of simplified approval and easier order entry meaning that your reps spend more time with customers and less time on Admin

growth in cpms

Growth in CPMs of 14x the industry average, thanks to unique packaging capabilites that distribute yield across long tail inventory

business days

Invoice customers within 2 business days of Billing Period Close date with automated reconciliation and exception reporting and that is fully automated

more line items

Operations Resources process 130% more Line Items with Operative’s automation tools and real time dashboards enabling these vital resurces to spend more time optimizing campaigns and your website to help you achieve maximim yield across the yield curve; from Open Exchange to high value Sponsorships

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